Electric Roulette Bitcoin Game

Electric Roulette

Now you can play Bitcoin ROULETTE SUPERCHARGED!

Roulette has gone ELECTRIC in this fantastic new Bitcoin game! Every spin up to 5 numbers will randomly go electric, with multipliers up to 500x for a single number win.

All non-number payouts pay the same as standard roulette. Wins on single number bets that are not electric pay 30x. There's nowhere else on this planet that you can play provably fair roulette with a 500x payout for a single number win - so we had to go to OUTER SPACE for this one!

Like all of the slots and casino games at 8BET you can play Electric Roulette in BTC, LTC, BCH or XMR - your choice of cryptocurrency!


  • SINGLE ZERO ROULETTE for the best odds
  • UP TO 5 ELECTRIC NUMBERS every spin
  • WIN UP TO 500x for a single number win

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8BET Bitcoin games are all provably fair - so you can trust in cryptography and the mathematics behind them to guarantee that your gameplay is totally fair and impossible to tamper with. Vires in Numeris!

    Also available in ARB | BCH | DOGE | ETH | LTC | XMR | MATIC | SOL | USDC | USDT